Andrea K. Gheen
Government Affairs Consultant

Contact Info:

Andrea K. Gheen is a Government Affairs Consultant with PinPoint ResultsĀ 

Known for her data-driven disruptive innovation (and great shoes), Andrea is the protege of the PinPoint Partners and the daughter of a DOD Computer Scientist and our very own Tanya Jackson.

After holding managerial roles in the private sector on the West Coast, Andrea has returned to Florida and the legislative process. Andrea is sought after for her multilogic approach to public policy, balancing data-analysis, and human interest. She specializes in healthcare policy, human services, and data governance. She has a special interest in advocating for victim services, mental health, civil rights, intersectional equality, criminal justice reform, community improvement, and energy solutions.

Andrea has a background in computer science, is pursing masters level studies in data, economics, and policy development, and has an organic understanding of political strategy. She lives in the home her grandfather built in Pensacola, FL with her spouse and their fur babies. In her free time, Andrea organizes any and everything into a spreadsheet, enjoys travel, patronage of the cultural arts, cooking, and reading.

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