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My dad was an electrician; the tools he took to work everyday – wire cutters, splicers, electrical current testers – were vital to getting the job done right.
At PinPoint Results, our Team also bring our tools to work every day.  They include:


Our clients describe us as “Problem solvers, tenacious, persistent, focused, innovative, principled, forward thinking, strategic, enthusiastic, positive, knowledgeable, experienced, steady and assuring.” But our all-time favorite is
“They’re not really show dogs, more like work horses”
Yup, “Work horses”……..We’ll take it! Every time!

“They’re not really show dogs, more like work horses”

Robert S. Beck

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Tanya C. Jackson

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Marti Coley Eubanks
(850) 209-0069

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Bryan R. Cherry

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