‘I would say that No. 1, it’s a true partnership.’

The Tallahassee boutique lobbying firm PinPoint Results has a team of six advocates — and four of them are related.

And that suits partners in life and partners in business Tanya Jackson and Robert Beck just fine. Also on the payroll is Bryan Cherry, married to their oldest daughter, Amanda; so is their youngest daughter, Andrea Gheen.

“Robert and I, we can’t imagine doing it any other way,” said Tanya.

If there’s to be a third generation working at PinPoint, so far, the only candidate is the couple’s grandson, 7-year-old Austin Cherry. The blended family’s other child, Erin Beck, lives in Austin, Texas and despite entreaties from her parents, does not work for their company.

Because PinPoint is a family affair, the duo say the 35 clients on their roster get 365-day-a-year service.

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